Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Effervescence- to show liveliness or exhilaration

A meditation on the account of creation in Genesis 1.

"And there it was". God speaks, and, BOOM, there something is. To focus on that something is a shortcoming. God, God, God. The end all, the eternal...the unending. To know Him and to make Him known. "And there it was". All of creation was meticulously crafted. No late nights at the drawing board. No flights of fancy. No failed experiments. Just things born out of endless love. God's love. Warm, comforting, unchanging. When He called the sky to separate, love drove Him to do so. When He threw the stars into space, love brought His arm to motion. When he exhaled LIFE into our lungs, it was love that stirred us to arise, to wake. God's love. When woman first saw man, it was love that quickened her pulse, that took her breath away. God's love. God's heart. Beating, bleeding for us. To love Him. That is what this earth is for. Us. All of us. Because God first loves us. When we take our eyes off of the process and instead see only God, infinite and incredible, we can finally love Him back,

-Originally written July 18, 2006

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