Wednesday, July 8, 2009

For We See In a Mirror Dimly...

Quietly, I sit to ponder Your ways. Suddenly, and without invitation, that tyrant called fear casts its shadow over my spirit. "My God", I cry out. "My God"!!! And, in the ensuing silence, I do not perceive You there.

Patiently, I wait. From the rising of the sun, to the appearance of the stars, I wait in affectation for the coming of Your words, sweet in taste but often bitter in meaning. And, in the ensuing silence, I do not perceive you there.

Without Your presence, Your truth is imperceptible, almost illusory in nature. For if You do not come soon to me, my love, than I shall never again know the beauty of Your being, the kindness of Your gaze, the gentle whisper of the Lover to His beloved.

Come to me quickly, Oh Lord…come to me quickly. And if it is not to be quick, at least come to me eventually. For your servant I will remain even in the midst of Your silence, which I will one day know not to be true silence, but an invitation to dance in total harmony with the Mystery that is above all Mysteries.

-Originally written October 23, 2007

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