Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Longer Through a Glass Dimly Lit...

It was a mournful, tiring day. Two days prior, Karen's father had passed away. Like all people attempting to remove themselves from painful situations either physically or mentally, we had just returned from an evening at the local cinema and were relaxing with another couple, friends of both Karen and myself.

As I sat across from Karen, staring into her radiantly blue eyes, she being unaware of my gaze of infatuation, my life sailed past the point of no return with thoughtless abandon. It was then, a moment like no other yet experienced, when I realized that my life is inextricably tied to Karen Proctor. What set into me that day was a love so fierce that it would takes the hands of God Almighty Himself to pull me away from Karen.

There are not enough words in all the languages of the world to describe Karen or my feelings for her. Yet, one cannot live in the shadow of a failure not yet realized. So, either in vain or in victory, I will tell you about my love.

Her voice is like the voice of the sun itself. Slow to rise in the morning, its apex reached at the midday, yet it quietly descends back down into the earth, only to rise again tomorrow. She speaks softly, yet can assert herself like no other. Her eyes are as deep as the oceans, deep enough for me to lose myself in, but not too deep as if to make me feel abandoned. Her skin is as fair as porcelain, and as delicate too. If all had skin as soft as Karen's, perhaps the world wouldn't be quite such a rough place to live.

There are miles and miles of things to be said about Karen, and perhaps they will be said one day. Yet, today is not that day. I only wish to offer to you a brief image of my beautiful bride-to-be. It is not often enough that I celebrate her and her greatness. She is worthier of a far greater love than I can give. God only knows why she settled for me. A momentary lapse of reason, perhaps. If so, thank God for not granting her more wisdom.

My love is for you, my sweet. My love is for you.

-Originally written May 12, 2008

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