Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Talking To the Man From Galilee

There's something primal about a man asking, no, demanding us to share in His cross...His pain becoming our pain...His renewal becoming our renewal...opening us up into a new blood.

This image, this reality, reaches beyond skin, beyond gender, beyond sexuality, through time and into the core of what makes us human. We become new. We are new.

It is, without a doubt, the most unsettling question one will ever be asked. And, it requires such an unsettling answer. There is no ignoring the question. We must answer either "yes", which ruins our lives forever and we must die to ourselves unto Christ. Or, we answer "no", an emphatic rejection of the most gracious display of love known to man. Either way, our lives will be changed by the cross.

In a way, this idea reaches back into the past, into history, during a time in which death was not considered a final departure, but the means by which one received honor and entrance into the afterlife. Here, we have a man, bleeding on a cross, beckoning us to share in that death. A death that will bring us into the new life which He himself opened up, reclaiming it from a suffocating law and the subjugation of death itself. Once, a good death brought high honor. I can think of no better a death than one unto Christ.

How will you respond?

-Originally written January 17, 2007

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