Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Descent

Festering, the piece of rotten meat felt heavy in my hands. The stench crept into my nostrils, burning and burning until I couldn't even tell that the air was putrid and polluted.

A sense of desperation crept over me, and my lips began to quiver. Looking out of the corners of my eyes, a feeble attempt to assure myself no one would see me, I sunk my teeth into the flesh and delighted in the revelry of my ravenous feast...delighted even though I knew this rotten, rancid meat would poison me from the inside.

I descended into madness that night. I descended to a depravity so deep and deforming, I found the stench of rotten meat to be more satisfying the the aroma of heaven's bread.

Forget the Eucharist. That's Sunday's dinner, and today...well, today's Wednesday.

Just give me rotten flesh on a platter...sliced up for another magazine...streamed to my screen and eviscerated for my enjoyment.

Forget the Eucharist. It's just an old, dead ritual anyway...right?

Forget the Eucharist. It's just...

Forget the Eucharist...

Oh, how I wish I could.

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