Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pancake Tuesday is Here!

The truth is, I find that my blog is sometimes hard to keep up with. It’s not because I hate to write. Far from it! Rather, I struggle with the discipline of sitting down and taking a breath, then turning that moment of silence into well-formed words.

Blogs are hard to keep up with. And, a bit foolishly, I’ve tried to keep up with two.*

So, in honor of the season of Lent (beginning February 22nd), I’m going to be more disciplined with my writing. Throughout this holy season of self-discipline, I’m going to be writing and reflecting on a list of ways to be more peaceful and non-violent in my life.*

Wait…hold on. That sounded kind-of bad. I don’t want the rumor mill to crank up and word get out that I’m some crazy and violent SOB with a penchant for domestic violence. I can barely bring myself to kill a spider in my kitchen! But, violence is more than just what we do with the strength of our fists.

Our words can be violent.

Our thoughts can be violent.

Even our facial expressions can even be violent.

Yet, the God made flesh in Jesus calls us away from lives of violence and into lives of grace, peace, and mercy.

I’m not naïve. This journey will be difficult. But, if The Lord of the Rings taught me anything, it’s that journeys worth taking are always difficult. On second thought, I think I learned that from the Gospels, too.

Don’t take my word for it. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John for yourself. Perhaps then you too will want to join me on this journey of non-violence.


* Canterbury Calling was a blog I was using to document my journey into The Episcopal Church. In an attempt to streamline my life, I am going to combine that blog into this blog. Where is the Fountain will now be a place where you can bear witness to my theological journey in its wholeness. Thanks for reading!

*To find out more information on this list of non-violent practices, visit http://www.agnt.org/64-days.

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