Friday, May 18, 2012

Ascension Day

You’re dying.
No chance to escape.
Soon, we’ll read trite and tired Scripture
As you sleep more deeply than you ever have before.

But today…today we’ll dance one last time together.

Labored breath brings burning lungs,
Burning lungs bring a jagged grimace,
And that jagged grimace reminds us all
That cancer takes its pleasure in plunging us under suffering’s waves.

But today…today we’ll sing one last time together.

A swirling room and an IV pump,
Bedpans and an undignified accident,
Closed eyes and slurring speech.
There’s no time left to say all I need to.

But today…today we’ll pray one last time together.

A rush of wind as we run faster and faster
The elevator threatens to shut us out.
We climb, higher and higher,
Climbing to the place where you’ll take your last breath.

But today…today we’ll laugh one last time together.

We’ll dance because we’ve got just enough time.
We’ll sing because there’s still beauty in the world.
We’ll pray because God never left your side.
We’ll laugh because, well…we just will.

It’s Ascension Day,
And all around the world they’re celebrating Jesus going up.
But today, that sacramental sky was torn wide open
And Jesus came back down, grabbed your hand, and called you brother.

You’re my brother too.
And I’m the better man for it.

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